From the Pastor’s Desk – The 60-minute Fix

I, as well as you, have learned that saying, “I guarantee” is risky.  In a world of “guarantees,” we find that many things that are guaranteed are attached to a legal loophole.  Yes, saying “I guarantee” can get one into legal trouble.  It can also disappoint or stir up feeling of anger, deceit, and mistrust.  This is why my “60-minute fix” does not contain the word guarantee.

So, what is the 60-minute fix.  Well, it’s something I have been thinking about for a long time.  Let’s begin the explanation by looking at some human problems.  There are those that feel lost, disconnected, marginalized, outcast, enslaved, up against insurmountable odds, etc.  How about those facing the reality of sickness, disease, or familial problems.  Or experiencing death of a loved one through natural or disaster like causes. My list, (or yours), could go on and on.

Now, there are many options available to help overcome the many feelings, emotions, or situations mentioned here.  As a counselor, I do believe in therapy.  Working with someone who is objective can offer empowerment to anyone seeking refuge and abundant life.

But, what if someone told those who are facing challenges, hurdles, or stepping stoned in life that seem impossible to overcome there is an answer, and it could start with one-hour a week.

I know what you, or anyone reading this might be saying. “He’s the minister, and he’s going to talk about church.”  Well, you are correct.

I am an average person who has experienced many of the strife’s, emotions and perceived insurmountable situations listed above. I became a minister of God in order to minister to those like me.  I am not a great theologian, full of wisdom, or a person whose sermons will be collected into a book to be read and studied in seminary.  But, here is what I have found. 

We are designed to be in community with God and with one another. Perhaps that is why things like loneliness or feeling disconnected affects us the way it does. That means church to me.

The Bible has a lot to say about feeling lonely and its opposite, feeling connected. Answers are available through the regular attending of church and introducing or re-introducing the Holy Word of God into your life.  And while I can’t guarantee the healing you are seeking, God can guarantee answers to all of life’s dilemma’s.  There is not one promise God has made that was not true or did not see fruition.

Has someone said you are not worth healing?  Do you tell yourself that?  Believe that God is saying this is not true.  All it takes for an escape from hardship and dilemma is one-hour per week, 60 minutes!  Shake off the stigma, the lies, and the misconceptions of today’s modern day church.  All God asking is to give Him and His son Jesus a chance to help. 

So give us a chance.  It’s free and what I can guarantee is that you will be welcomed and made to feel comfortable.  All for 60 minutes a week!

Not ready to make a decision, have question?  Give me a call and I will be glad to speak with you about how you could experience the greatest life possible. Shalom, 

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