Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ!

I will say it again. My family and I feel so fortunate to be at Emmanuel UCC in Dorrance! My hope is that you are enjoying me as your new pastor as much as I am enjoying ministering to you.

We have been talking a lot about discipleship the past few weeks. This is a topic I do like to discuss. I also mentioned Dietrich Bonhoeffer in my last “Greetings from the Pastor.” I you want to find a great example of discipleship, look him up. Or better yet, read one of his many books on the topic. He truly is a champion of discipleship and one of my favorite faith authors. We will be talking more on the subject of discipleship in weeks to come. Exploring that topic makes all of us a more committed Christian and an overall stronger church.

As a former teacher, my enjoyment comes from being able to facilitate Bible study. During our last consistory meeting I brought up the topic of starting an adult Bible study in the future. I love having everyone’s input in the study of scripture, so look forward to this happening in the near future!

I have a few other ideas about all of us growing in Christ and growing our congregation so everyone can share in the banquet offered to us by God and His Son Jesus Christ daily. But I need you! I want your thoughts and opinions about our church, the church we all share together.

In closing, thanks again for choosing me as your minister and all of your hard work that is so evident by the wonderful Christian maturity I have found at Emmanuel United Church of Christ!

Pastor Lou Aita

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