June 18, 2016

Hurry up and get your tickets! Only 300 tickets are sold to have a chance to win 43 prizes. That’s better odds than the PA lottery! Tickets are $35 for 2 people to come for a day of delicious food and excellent entertainment. There are hourly drawings starting at 1:00 pm for 2 prizes  and 3 prizes. At 6:00 pm the final prizes are drawn, which everyone has a chance at since we put all previous winners back “in the pot.”  Add to that all the great eats and music by Mud Pond Boys and Jesse and Friends and you have a terrific afternoon filled with fun. If you want to attend but don’t care about the prizes, just pay $15 per person and still enjoy all the food and entertainment. DONATIONS ITEMS ARE NEEDED for the Silent Auction. These need to be new items for a Silent Auction. Many items are donated by local merchants and businesses. If you have something to donate or think of someone who might donate, please take some of the donation memos on the table in the narthex. Fill in the person/business name, the date, and the item and its value and give it to the person/business for their tax records. Also note the value of the item for us so we can put that on the bid sheets for the auction. See Sandy or Aaron Kleger for more information. 300 CLUB POSTERS and SILENT AUCTION DONATION LETTERS are on the table in the narthex. Please take some posters and get them around the area. Also on the table are donation letters for those who provide auction items. Just fill in the blanks and give the letter to the donors for their records. Please let me know if more posters or letters are needed

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