Thank You!

I would like to thank everyone in my church family for
the cards, kind words and prayers at the loss of my
mother. I would especially like to thank Denise and
Pastor Penny for all they did for my family at such a
difficult time.
The Dauber Family
Donnie and Nelson would like to thank everyone who
helped with our annual Golf Tournament: those who
took hole sponsorships, played golf, and anyone who
helped us in any way; especially those who helped at the
golf course.
My Dear Friends,
Little did I know that when I retired from preaching I
was going into nursing. Archie’s surgery went well on
the 9th of Sept. He came home on the 12th. He has been
recovering well since then but he can’t do very much. I
haven’t really been able to enjoy much time to myself
since I’m taking care of him. We go out for a short walk
each day. Luckily the weather has been nice for those
walks. He goes back to the doc on the 8th of October and
may be released to drive again.
I want to thank everyone for the wonderful retirement
lunch we enjoyed on my last Sunday. There was so
much good food. Thanks for the recipes. So far I
haven’t had time to try any of them. I will as soon as
things begin to get back to normal. Thanks too for the
gifts and the well wishes we received.
Our last service was very nice. Thanks for the music.
The kids were – as usual – wonderful. I do miss those
kids. I miss many of you. It was my honor and pleasure
to be able to serve you for a bit over seven years.
God is Good! All the Time! Please take care of each
I love you and will continue to pray for you and ask that
you pray for us as well.



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