Thank You!

Ethel Fine would like to thank everyone for their cards,
prayers and concerns when she had her hip replacement
surgery. All your well-wishes are very appreciated.
The families of Audrey Grosz would like to thank
everyone who had a part in creating the beautiful area for
the bench dedicated in Audrey’s memory. We are
grateful to those of you who cleared bushes, dug out
roots, leveled ground, raked stones into place, laid the
stepping stones, planted flowers, and did whatever
necessary to make the entrance way the perfect place for
her bench.
Kimmy Bernetski thanks all her church family for her
graduation gift. Her card expressing her appreciation is
on the bulletin board in the bell tower.
TeamEffort sent us a card thanking us as a
congregation for sending our Youth Group to work at
the clean-up effort of Superstorm Sandy. They say that
our group represented us well and commented about
the changes in lives made possible by our youth.
They also sent a card to our Youth Group thanking
them for their great job and encouraging them to be
proud of their accomplishments and keep making a
positive difference in lives they touch.
Re-Creation enjoyed presenting their program here and
thank us for hosting them. They are grateful to
everyone who made the arrangements for the program
and their meal.

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