Welcome to Emmanuel United Church of Christ

It’s not good to be glad that part of your life is gone but I am glad that May is just about over. What a busy
month and it looks as if June might just be the same way. I would like to ask that some of you who weren’t
able to or just didn’t get involved in fundraisers during May that you would prayerfully consider helping with
the 300 Club. It’s a lot of work but we can get it done with everyone helping out. It seems the same workers
are available for everything. It would be really nice to see some other faces mixed in with those. From selling
tickets to cooking to bringing items for the Silent Auction – there’s more than enough for everyone to do.
I’m on vacation and Denise sent me a text which read, “Sorry to make you think while on vacation, but would
you write a newsletter article by Thursday?” So – here it is. I will say in the words of the hymn

Withholding nothing, –- I give myself to You;
Withholding nothing, — to do the things You’d have me do;
To give the way You give dear Lord, to live the way that You would live;
Withholding nothing, — I give myself to You!

My brother and sister-in-law are coming to visit today for a few days. The only thing John mentioned he
wanted to do when they got here was go out in the boat. Pray for pretty weather for us. One day we will
probably go to Knoebels. Of course we will have to go to Country Cupboard in Lewisburg for dinner one night.
Any other suggestions – you have my number. Last time they were here I took them down in the coal mine in
Scranton. Once is enough. Since they are driving from and have been to TN and Niagara Falls before coming
and will return through Richmond and FL they don’t want to go anywhere where we have to drive very far.
Can’t really blame them. Whatever we do we will have a good time.
Have a great June. See you real soon – all relaxed and ready to work for the Lord!
God’s blessings be with you!


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