Youth Group

This is what we’re up to now:
1. Mardi Gras – On March 2, we’ll celebrate Mardi
Gras with a brunch and fun time. Diners are asked to
make a donation that will be used for our Mission Trip
2. This Summer’s Mission Trip – Hurricane Sandy
Part 2 – We’re going back to the Jersey shore to
continue the cleanup there. It’s just mind-blowing
that one storm can cause so much damage.
Keep on believing
Marc, Lisa and Caroline

Remember to get your
Weis and Carone’s cards!

This is a great way to support the Youth Group without
spending anything extra. You’re just going to spend
that money at the grocery store anyway so why not
give the Youth Group some help with their finances?
For every $1,000 worth of cards they sell, they make
$50. Please see Marc on Sunday mornings or you can
call Denise at the church office (868-5675) during the

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