Welcome to Emmanuel United Church of Christ

Busy, busy, busy week – with all the services this week and trying to get ready to leave on Monday. I’m sure all of you have had plenty to do as well. Everyone seems to be so “on the run” these days. Hopefully you are all taking a bit of time out to spend with God in prayer and devotion. Peter Kreeft has written, We have time and prayer backwards. We think time determines prayer, but prayer determines time. We think our lack of time is the cause of our lack of prayer, but our lack of prayer is the cause of our lack of time. Keep that in mind when you think you’re too busy to pray.
Some of our travel plans have changed since the death of my cousin in Alabama. The reunion has been postponed until August. But we still have plans to visit other relatives. Archie has fishing in mind and I have lots of reading to do and I may get in a little recreational shopping! There are so many books sitting on my shelf that I haven’t even opened yet. I’ll pack them up and hopefully get through some of them while I’m away – while Archie is fishing.
You will all be missed for the next couple of months and I know when Archie and I return we will start right back in to having plenty to do – like graduate Sunday followed soon after by the 300 Club. Don’t forget to get items for the silent auction when you are out. I already have several things. I know it’s going to be a busy summer.
Thanks again for all you do. I know that while I’m away everything will run smoothly. There are many capable folks at Emmanuel. I’m sorry I’ll miss the turkey supper and visiting with all the attendees but there’s always another one in October.
You have very good people filling the pulpit while I’m away. Please come out and support them. Maybe when I get back the weather will be warm enough to have outside services. People seemed to enjoy the outdoors last summer – I know I did. God seems so close in the outdoors.
I do thank God everyday that you are such a wonderful congregation. While I’m gone be good to each other continually praying for each other. I would covet your prayers as well that I will experience a wonderful sabbatical and return “rarin’ to go” as they say in the south. Hopefully you will still be able to understand me when I return from the land of cotton.
I’m looking forward to Easter and all that it brings with sunrise and breakfast and the flowered cross and the jubilant hymns. (I dare to say there won’t be lots of sundresses this year) It will be a wonderful way to go off on a high note. I won’t say good‐bye, I’ll simply say God bless and see you soon (in two months).
Blessings to All!

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