Youth Group and Accomplishments

Youth Accomplishments:

Keegan Farrel was named to the MMI Second Quarter Honor Roll. She has also been inducted into the National Honor Society. There’s a picture on the front bulletin board of Keegan and the rest of the inductees. Congratulations, girl!

The Dancing Queen is now a Skating Queen!! Kelsey Rinehimer and her brother, Justin, were out with friends slapping the puck around at the ice rink at the Wright Township Park. That a girl, Kelsey!! Those guys can’t beat you!! (Sorry Justin – NOT!)


Youth Group:

This is what we’re up to now:
1.   Mardi Gras – What a great success! We received enough donations for one youth for the Mission Trip. Keep thinking of more ways we can earn money.
2.   Third World Country – There was a lot of fun to mask the grumbling stomachs during our fast. We really want to say how proud we are of all of you. Your shopping trip to Carone’s and Weis did a great job of restocking needed items for the food bank.
3.   This Summer’s Mission Trip – We’ve finalized with TEAMeffort how many people are going. This year it’s going to be more than just a youth event – this is an all church event as some adult members join us in serving God by helping others. Look out Sandy – here we come and we’re gonna clean up your mess!!

Remember to get your Weis and Carone’s cards!

This is a great way to support the Youth Group without spending anything extra. You’re just going to spend that money at the grocery store anyway so why not give the Youth Group some help with their finances? For every $1,000 worth of cards they sell, they make $50. Please see Marc on Sunday mornings or you can call Denise at the church office (868-5675) during the week.

We have a terrific opportunity to really serve others “right in our own backyard”. Our trip to Lakewood Township will give us a chance to interact with people from an area that we are already familiar with. How many people go to the beaches in Jersey? Sandy had a terrible impact on that area and we can do something about it. The only thing is that it costs money to help others. Each youth needs $289 just to get to Lakewood. That doesn’t include any spending money – just the mission trip cost. So please help us pay for our trip by supporting our fundraisers. We really appreciate all our church family does for us. We realize we couldn’t be able to make such a difference if it wasn’t for you. Thanks. (Your) Emmanuel Youth Group

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