Youth Group

The Crestwood High School Honor Roll is out and we have some smart kids on it.
Principal’s Honors: Kimmy Bernetski
High Honors: Autumn Atkinson, Glynis Dean, Eric Rinehimer, Justin Rinehimer
Honors: Kyle Prelewicz
You’re all doing a great job so keep it up!

This is what we’re up to now:
Youth Group Meeting – Sunday, Feb. 17, at 5:30 pm. We need to plan for our 3rd World Country Sleepover, plus when and where we will have our next activity day.
Mardi Gras – This will be on FEBRUARY 10. We’ll be decorating on Feb. 9. Come on and help out.
Third World Country – Get your sleeping bag ready for February 22 and 23. You might want to eat a little something before coming, too, since there won’t be any food until it’s OVER!!
This Summer’s Mission Trip – Lakewood Township NJ will be our mission this year as we help people recover from Hurricane Sandy.



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