Welcome to Emmanuel United Church of Christ

It’s almost time to leave on my journey back south for a few days. I’m about ready to go – just a few more things to get together. I’m trying to leave things in order for Archie so he won’t have any problems. He’s so nice to stay home and preach and take calls for me while I’m away with my “old” buddies. Please take care of him while I’m away. The plans are to come home refreshed and ready to get going for Rally Day.
Everyone seems to enjoy worship on the pavilion. It is so nice to be able to enjoy God’s creation as we pray and sing together looking out over the mountain and the trees. As well – this has been a busy summer and y’all (I have to be prepared to go south) have done some good work. And in August let’s keep up the good work for the group “Re-creation” coming on the 12th, our picnic on the 19th, and the Hoagie sale on the 25th. The work never ends and it is good to have as many of you involved as possible.
I’m going to follow Jesus advice to the disciples in Mark 6:31.

Then Jesus said, “Let’s go off by ourselves to a quiet place and rest awhile.”

Doesn’t that sound wonderful?! This is going to be a relaxing vacation – not a tiring vacation. I will be with friends but we have always let each person do her own thing. And doing nothing at all is a choice which is all right with everyone. I don’t have to sight see because I’ve been there and seen it before. I don’t have to roust myself out of bed in the morning if I don’t want to or I can get up before everyone else. We don’t plan to solve the problems of the world so the conversation will be light and fun. I can even finish watching the Olympics while I’m away. What fun!
And yes – I’ll be in church on Sunday morning with Charlie and Lisa at one of my old churches. Just keep me in your prayers because that’s always appreciated and I’ll keep y’all in mine.

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