Youth Accomplishments

We’ve got some smart cookies on the honor rolls again. Just check this out.
Crestwood High School
Principal’s Honors: Kimmy Bernetski, Kelly Madigan
High Honors: Rachelle Heller
Honors: Autumn Atkinson, Devin Stein, Justin Rinehimer, Allison Bernetski, Courtney Kania, Alecia Myers
The National Honor Society Induction Ceremony at Crestwood High School on May 31 included many of our youth. Rachelle Heller, Kimmy Bernetski, Justin Rinehimer, Allison Bernetski, Courtney Kania, Kelly Madigan and Alecia Myers became members. Membership is based on not only their scholastic achievement but also based on outstanding performance in the areas of service, leadership and character.

Congratulations to these exceptional students and their proud parents!

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