Welcome to Emmanuel United Church of Christ

This past month has been quite a whirlwind. With Kirk in the hospital in Philly for four days and more tests still to be done, and now a daughter-in-law with questionable symptoms that have to be checked out and hopefully diagnosed, and also a very close cousin who has to go on dialysis within 6 months – it just gets a bit overwhelming. It makes it even more difficult when they aren’t close by so I can see them and be with them. But I had a wonderful birthday and Memorial Day weekend. Thanks for all the cards, prayers, gifts and good words during the month. I needed the support. I don’t know how folks who don’t have God in their lives make it through the tough times.
June is looking to be another whirlwind but hopefully it is whirling in a positive direction. The first Sunday we will honor our graduates and celebrate their successes. The next Sunday we will honor our retiring Associate Conference Minister from PNEC, Toby Holleman, and wish him well on his way to North Carolina to write. The following weekend is our big 300 Club on Saturday followed on Sunday by Father’s Day complete with a baptism and a commissioning of our youth who will be leaving on their mission trip to Gatlinburg on the 23rd. Sounds like we will be eating well at church for the month of June as we celebrate.
Summer is definitely here – as far as the weather is concerned. Hopefully as folks go on vacations you won’t forget that the church needs your support 12 months out of the year – both financially, prayerfully, and personally. But when you do go out of town remember that there are churches in every community that love to have visitors. It is also fun and interesting to see how others worship. Just to share one important Bible verse to remember while you are away having fun, “Remember the Sabbath Day and keep it holy.”
Enjoy your vacations! I plan to enjoy mine in August.
Blessings to all!

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