Copies of the 2011 Christmas Wish List are on the table in the Narthex. Please note that the children at Bethany are between the ages of 13 and 18 years old. Specific gift items are included on the Christmas Wish List or if you prefer, the children love to receive gift cards to department stores, craft stores, area malls, etc. Please choose age-appropriate gifts with consideration for parental warnings, modest clothing and safety. The gifts should not be wrapped since Bethany’s staff will do that. Just drop them in the box wrapped in Christmas paper in the Narthex.

picture perfect

Check the front door bulletin board
for these mug shots!
Some of the Scouts who helped with the Turkey Supper are pictured clearing off a table. Their help is really appreciated by the servers and clean-up crew. We have a great relationship with these young men and their leaders.
The Crestwood Field Hockey team made it to the State Championship Playoffs but were unfortunately eliminated in the first round. The team makes it to the playoffs almost every year. So let’s hear it for Autumn Atkinson and the rest of the Lady Comets!!
The flooding in Bloomsburg was felt personally by one of our members, Sharon Moyer. Sharon’s mother, Anne Williams who is a former member, lived in the Tenny Street Apartments which everyone thought was outside the flood zone. Like so many other areas, it was not. While digging through the muck, Sharon found the American Flag from her father’s funeral, covered in mud and debris. She couldn’t get it clean herself and so took it to Elegant Cleaners in Mountain Top. They cleaned it and charged nothing because it is their policy not to charge to clean American Flags. Sharon is pictured with the beautifully cleaned flag outside the cleaners.

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