Summer Concert


On August 16 at 7:00pm we will have the honor of hosting Jonathan Richard Cring and Janet Clazzy, known as SpiriTed. On his daily column website,, he is described as “a Billboard Music Award winner and screenwriter who has traveled for thirty-seven years to churches, colleges, schools, organizations and at least one bar mitzvah, sharing the blending of the humor of life with spiritual insight and a delightful piece of heart to get people to do something that they rarely pursue themselves, but are always glad when it happens–to THINK.” Janet is the director of the Clazzy Ladies, an oboe player and a movie-music composer. She also plays the WX-5 Wind Machine, a horn containing the sounds of 250 instruments. “We give you music, humor, dialogue and some fresh insights about bringing creativity into our practical
lives,” Mr. Cring shares from his home in Hendersonville,Tennessee. “The presentation is a delicate and delicious blending of spirit and humor that produces the wonderful by-product of good cheer.” They have been touring together for 15 years, spreading their message of faith. At their website,, you can preview their unique inspirational style for spreading
their faith through word and music. There is no fee or charge for this concert, only a love offering will be gathered. For more information call the
church office at (570) 868-5675

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