Flapjack Fundraiser

On Saturday, March 19, from 8 am to 10 am, fill up on flapjacks at Applebees in Wilkes-Barre and support Candy’s Place, the Center for Cancer Wellness. JoAnn Kotarsky is taking reservations and you can contact her at 417-5384 for tickets and more information. Your $5 donation will help “Team US” in the 14th Annual Rainbow Walk. You will also receive a $3 coupon for a future visit to Applebees.
The following is from Candy’s Place website, cancerwellnessnepa.org:

“Although medical advances have been made towards the dedication and treatment of cancer, little emphasis has been placed on the recovery and re-healing of cancers physical and emotional aspects, and most importantly, the quality of life issues before, during, and after cancer treatment.
Candy’s Place neither receives state or federal funds and it is not a United Way member agency. Candy’s Place solely relies on good friends like you in our community who support us financially because of a strong belief in the work Candy’s Place is doing. We also apply for community, county, state and private grants. Most of our funding comes from individual and corporate donations, and from the several annual fundraising events that we hold throughout the year such as our Rainbow Walk.”

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