Our Sunday School has taken on a special project inspired by their lessons. Boaz allowed the widow, Ruth, to gather barley from his fields to feed herself and her mother-in-law, Naomi. In doing so, he performed an act of charity or kindness for the poor, known in Hebrew as zedakah. The children made offering envelopes to gather donations to purchase an animal (or two, three) from Heifer International. Our Sunday School has previously donated through this organization which makes a difference in the world through providing livestock and education for sustained living – not just a one-time gift. Please see any of our children if you wish to help with this project. They are really enthusiastic about getting a rabbit – or was it a cow? pig? chicks? all of the above? All they know is the more they gather, the more they will be able to purchase so that others can learn to live more self-sufficiently. Their envelopes will be collected on December 19.

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