Welcome to Emmanuel United Church of Christ

Thanks to all who attended our first worship service in our new pavilion. It was a very nice service. We finished our series from the UCC Statement of Faith ending with Communion around the tables. There was such a nice breeze blowing through and everyone seemed in good spirits. What a beautiful day!

After the service came our picnic. Yum! Yum! Such good food there was and plenty of it. Ron had fried turkeys in his big fryer for something special and the children really enjoyed the moonwalk bouncy thing. They had lots of fun too when Cindy came out and poured all the ice and water in a big bucket for them to play in. It was a good hot day to chill off with ice. The kids even had fun putting ice down the backs of some of the grown-ups (or those who claim that status). I know I had a good time and I believe everyone in attendance did. We sat so long that we finally got a good hard rain but even that was fun since we could sit under our new shelter and just watch.

I know I have said this before but it can’t be said too much! Many thanks to all those who worked on the pavilion and got it finished in record time. There are just too many to name and you know who you are – male and female. There is some landscaping to do yet but that will be done when we are able.

I will be here the first Sunday of August but on the afternoon of the 4th I will leave for vacation. It will be real nice to see lots of relatives in Alabama (my brother and his wife will meet us there for the Dollar reunion) and then Archie and I will go on to North Carolina to meet up with some of my cousins on my mom’s side. We haven’t seen some of these folks in such a long time. I only have one aunt left and she is 90 – my dad’s sister – and you can bet she will critique me when I preach in Alabama.

Tina will be here on the 8th to preach. I thought some of you would like to see her again.

It’s been a busy summer and now we are preparing for our Rally Day which will be on Sept. 12th. We are praying for a big turnout for our beginning of Sunday School. We are going to have lots of fun. Let’s all invite someone new for the beginning of our new season. I know this isn’t until Sept. but it will give you time to think about who you can bring and to save the date on your calendar.

Pray for Archie and me while we are away. I will be praying for you.



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