Welcome to Emmanuel United Church of Christ

What!!! It can’t be July already.  I thought things would be a little less busy once summer arrived but that has not been the case.

Watching the guys of the church put up our new pavilion was so inspiring. So many men – many of whom didn’t know each other so well were working so hard together. Thanks to all of you. And some of our women brought them food to eat and drink to quench their dry throats from working under the hot sun. And then being able to use it for our new fundraiser was great! And our fundraiser was such a success (such beautiful weather)! I met so many new people from our community that I had never seen before. They were having a wonderful time and hoping that we had plans to repeat the day next year. It was a lot of work but all the crew was working together so well. It took a lot of planning and a lot of just plain hard work. There would have been lots of opportunity for more people to have been involved. Keep it in mind for next year. You wouldn’t have to commit a lot of time – anything would be needed and appreciated. There is a call for kitchen help, cooking, cleaning up, collecting items for the Silent Auction, setting up tables, taking down tables, moving chairs – just lots of things. If we all worked together all of us could be a little less tired at the end of the day. And what wonderful fellowship there is as we cooperate with one another to take a little of the load off one another. That’s a real family.

And then there was the exciting celebration of the ordination of Becky Broyan. Many of you watched her as she grew into a young woman who is now in full service to God as an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ. Thank all who supported her financially and with your prayers as she was going through the process.
Congratulations Becky – you made it!

There is still a little to do to put the finishing touches on the pavilion and I just know that we will get lots of use from it. Hopefully we will have some of our Sunday morning worship outside this summer. How beautiful it will be to sit in the midst of God’s creation as we come together in worship to praise God’s name and bring God glory.
And the month of July is busy as well. We look forward each year to our service at Old River Church which will be on the 18th this year. And please all join us for our church picnic on the 25th after church – another opportunity to use our pavilion. Then that evening our Vacation Bible School begins at 6:30. This year it will be held at Stairville. Please encourage any children you know to come and join us. It will be lots of fun and very educational for all. And oh yea, you are welcome to stay and help out.
You are just the best. Thanks for all you do. Thanks to you for continuing to keep our church in your prayers. Every day I thank God for you. Keep up the great work.
Blessings to you all!


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