1 picture – 1,000 words

The New York Times sent out a challenge to anyone who would take it up – photograph wherever you are and whatever is taking place on May 2, 2010 at 15:00 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). That corresponds to 11:00 am on Sunday morning, May 2.  Sharon Moyer set up her camera in church, pointing it toward a scene that represents comfort and God’s grace for many of us. She took a picture of our stained glass window, Jesus and his sheep. You can view this shot with ALL the others taken at that moment, and there are literally thousands of pictures, by clicking here.


A few weeks ago someone emailed me telling me about a unique photo experience being generated through The New York Times. Photographers around the world were being encouraged to take a photo on a particular day at a specific time to give a snapshot of our world. It was referred to as “A Moment in Time.” The idea intrigued me. I mentioned it to a few friends who also enjoy taking pictures and they just brushed it off by saying “I’ll be in church”. I thought, well, so will I and that became my idea for a photo. Sunday morning for me means being in worship. I took the idea to the congregation stating that I felt as Christians this could provide a powerful message without uttering a single word and since they were exactly where I was on Sunday morning I felt we could all make a statement together.

On Sunday, May 2nd, I came to church a little early & set up my camera in the choir loft. I aimed my camera at our beautiful stained glass window depicting Jesus as the shepherd with the sheep. As the clock ticked down I nervously focused the image I wanted to present and took a few photos. That particular Sunday was a unique one at Emmanuel as we were housing a few gentlemen from VISION, a group that seeks to find shelter for homeless individuals and this would be our week to be the host church. The first week of the month is also communion Sunday at Emmanuel. During the passing of the elements I noticed that two of the men took the wine, then smelled it, looked at each other and then did not drink it. I realized that they had probably made a pledge not to drink alcohol and at that moment chose to honor that pledge. How humbling and inspiring it was to have witnessed that conviction….all happening under the watchful eyes of Jesus.

After the service, we had a coffee hour in the fellowship hall. Then a few individuals changed their clothes and got ready to participate in the road cleanup our church has been a part of for quite a few years. Since I had my camera, I asked everyone to just pause out front so I could take a picture. When I was positioning everyone I noticed that one of the men from Vision had donned an orange vest and some gloves and decided to help with the clean up. It may not have been his group, but obviously it was his world that needed cleaning up and he was stepping up. Another powerful message.

Just as a photographer sometimes needs to step back to gain a better perspective for his photo, we also need to step back from time to time from our problems, our families, our jobs and even our circumstances to get a better perspective. We need to keep our focus on Jesus….. We may not see these little miracles on the six o’clock news but they are happening around us every day. All under the watchful eyes of Jesus. –SHARON MOYER

Where were you on May 2, 2010, at 11:00 am?

Sunday Morning
Sunday Morning

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