Welcome to Emmanuel United Church Of Christ

It’s been a busy year. I keep thinking things are going to let up for a few days but it seems we just keep going. It’s very exciting – all the things that are happening. May is also going to be a busy month but I have found a week that I can get away for a vacation. Archie and I don’t have any great plans. We are going to Sunbury to spend some time at the river. We are really looking forward to it. The dam won’t be up so we probably won’t get the pontoon boat in the water but that’s all right. It will be nice to just get away and relax.

Sharon, Becky, Dustin, Archie, and I went to a wonderful Annual Meeting for Penn Northeast Conference. As you heard Sharon say in church, the speaker, Gil Rendle, was excellent. His topic was Is Your Church Thriving or Surviving. We got lots of information that we want to share with the congregation. We have to decide the venue we are going to use. Stay tuned for some ideas.

Happy Mother’s Day on May 9th. We will also be having a baptism at worship that day. Then comes Penetecost – Be ready for an exciting service on May 23rd as we will celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit. Then the following week is Memorial Day as we remember those who have gone on before. The 16th is the Sunday I will be away. Tina is going to preach that day. Her last day with us will be May 30th so we will plan a pot luck dinner after church that day to say our “good-byes”.

I feel things are going well here at Emmanuel. We are truly blessed as we go about our work for God. On the 9th we will have a short meeting with the congregation about building a pavilion in the back of the church. I really believe this will add to the appeal of our congregation. It will be a wonderful place to have services in the summer and for picnics and celebrations with our children. I’m sure that after it is built we will find much use for it. The benefits will far outweigh the cost that we will incur which is really rather low since many members have obligated themselves to help build it. It sounds very exciting to me to add to the amenities of Emmanuel that can be used by all of us. I believe the children will really appreciate something they can feel they can use. This is one way our church can “thrive”.

May God bless you all as we move forward. I pray for you and our church each day.


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