Caroline has a message for you on Autism!

What is autism?  It is a disorder that affects speech, behavior and causes developmental delays.  The brain and the nervous system of a child with autism do not work in sync.

My name is Caroline Cronce.  My son, Joshua, is eight years old.  He was diagnosed with autism at age 1½.

Some behaviors a child with autism may display are hand flapping, rocking back and forth, minimal eye contact, screaming or just remaining silent.  There isn’t any cure for this disorder, yet.  However, there have been many theories, but only theories.  Statistics show 1 out of every 150 children will be diagnosed with autism/autism spectrum disorder.

Reaching out with other parents, support groups such as S.A.F.E (Serving Autistic Families Everywhere – phone 1-877-510-7233) and also websites like have many helpful resources and books, conferences, doctor information, daily updates and helpful information from other families with a child with autism.

Each day is a learning experience for both parents and the family with a child with this disorder.  Early intervention is an important key for receiving therapy, such as speech, language, occupational and physical therapies.  I know that looking at the world through my son Joshua’s eyes has taught me a lot.  God gives us strength and wisdom.  He has just given special children to special people.

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