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From the Pastor’s Desk

Here are some the great opportunities for Emmanuel UCC during the month of September 2018!

  • Sunday School will again resume for our young people.
  • Bible/Book study
  • Youth Group
  • Our continued dynamic worship services.
  • And we all look forward to our choir returning in September!

My question is, do you have a thought or idea for our church this year? Share this with a consistory member!


With all of the great offerings we have from our church, I would like all of you to do your part as disciples of Christ.  Just let everyone you know how much enrichment we have to offer in daily lives at Emmanuel UCC. Spread the word!


Three things GOD wants us to do

He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. (Micah 6:8)

Those of us who attended church in the 1980s are familiar with the musical version of this verse. As with any Scripture that is set to music and presented during “worship service,” however, it’s easy to sing the words without thinking, and be pretty much unable to read them without the melody playing in the background.


It’s worth slowing down, reading and re-reading this, however, to the point that the words come through, because it’s part of human existence, at some point in it, to cry out, “Just what is it You want me to DO, anyway?”

It all seems so complicated, but as this verse brings out, it comes down to three things:

1) Act Justly.

In a society where the norms of justice include finding for the plaintiff suing over the coffee being too hot, insisting that it’s the fault of the restaurant for not informing her that it would be so, the definition of justice does not align with God’s intention, if I may use that vastly overused word, “intention,” possibly, for the first time, in its correct context.

“Justice,” in God’s eyes, means that the widows are not homeless, the children are not exploited, the defenseless are not are not fooled and tricked and manipulated simply because they don’t have money to fight back.

“Justice” is not something to be bought, sold to the highest bidder, unable to be secured without the services of high-priced corporate magnates and lawyers who operate, not on the honor or truth of their client’s cause, but its profitability.

And while there is little that we can do, wholesale, about the injustice of man’s justice system, as individual Christians, we ourselves can be just. As with anything God asks us to do, this starts on a small, intimate level, within friends and family, by forgiving someone in that circle who has hurt us. Whether or not we have grounds to be angry, we can be just enough to acknowledge that we are not sinless ourselves, unable to hurt in the way we have been hurt.

On a wider spectrum, we extend justice to others, even strangers, by taking to heart the theoretical tenet of the U.S. justice system, that a person is innocent until determined to be guilty, and not convict someone, mentally or aloud in a group, based upon the limited, and very misleading, information we receive from newspapers and police reports.

2) Love Mercy.

“Mercy” brings to mind a conqueror standing over a vanquished foe, staying his hand from using the sword, which is all very dramatic, but tends to be out of the scope for most of us in our normal day.

Another word for mercy, however, is kindness, and all of us can remember benefiting from acts of that. The widows, orphans, defenseless, powerless, weak, and vulnerable come to mind, and while U.S. culture frowns upon weakness as a sin, it is a state of being that all humans, at some point, live through.

Whether we are medically challenged, physically weary, financially strapped, emotionally exhausted, or spiritually bereft (sick, tired, poor, overcome, or empty) we all, at some point, need kindness, understanding, grace, and just plain help from others — and indeed, those who don’t realize, recognize, or acknowledge this are the most to be pitied, because they haven’t yet learned that they are not omnipotent.

But if we have come to the point of realizing that we are mortal with finite powers, then we are in the right place to reach down to — not look down upon — those who are aching, whether or not they “brought it upon themselves” or “deserve everything they’re getting.”

That’s not the attitude we hope for when we’re down on the ground, groaning.

3) Walk humbly with your God.

Humility is a treasure that simply cannot be overstated. It is rare, however, that we actively pray for it because, quite frankly, the best way to achieve it is to be pushed down, rejected, set aside, kicked, ignored, discounted, overlooked, laughed at, spurned, and disdained.

Rare is the person who willingly puts himself into positions of participating in these experiences, but the good news is, life itself provides the opportunities. As creatures of free will, we have the option of reacting however we choose, and our default, as humans, is to be angry, bitter, confused, and thirsting for revenge.

Those of us who have lived through these reactions, however, know that they don’t solve the problem, and the person who winds up feeling the worst about it all, is ourselves. Once we have worked through the natural emotions that boil to the surface — and indeed, the best way to work through them is to present them before God, whether it is calmly (generally not so) or accompanied by shouting (He can handle it) — we are in a state of malleability in which the Master Potter can shape us into a better pot, one of clay, but capable of holding the richest treasures.

The best thing that rejection and pain teach us is that the answer does not lie in the approbation, praises, and encomiums of men, but in the love and acceptance of God — and God does not encourage, foment, or preen our pride. He shows us who and what we are, and loves us through it all, not condemning, but encouraging; not censuring, but teaching.

Walking humbly, with our God, is one of the best and most fulfilling things we can do.

Six Month Budget Review

Emmanuel’s consistory has just received its six-month budget review at the first meeting held after the said time period.  We are seeing some trends that have given us cause for concern.  By using average weekly giving
numbers and projecting to the end of 2018, numbers suggest we will fall short of our financial obligations.  As we review the numbers for the upcoming 2019 budget, we ask each member of Emmanuel to prayerfully
consider their giving.  Without your continuing financial support, we would be unable to remain in operation.  Thank you.

Teen Talk on Sunday Mornings

Teen Talk is back on Sunday mornings starting on September 9 at 9:30 am.  This is our own time to dig deeper into our faith.  It’s not just another “Sunday School class” or Bible Study.  It’s all about us – who we are, what’s happening in our lives right here and now, and how does any of this relate to God and our faith.  We’ll be discussing the important things going on in the world, our town and our lives.  And if you have any particular ideas to discuss, just give them to me.  We’re looking for everyone in 7th grade and up to come out and talk about how God really relates to us – not just in theory, but in reality.

Picture Perfect

Brooke Rinehimer, Morgan Hodle and Leah Dietrich part of the Emmanuel UCC Youth Group completed a Mission trip

in July to Blue Knob, PA through Team Effort, an organization that helps communities in need and brings together

thousands of youth and leaders in order to work side by side on faith building mission experiences.

From the Pastor’s Desk

The last week of July, 2018, with consistory approval, I mailed out letters to
approximately 27 of our brothers and sisters in Christ about what’s happening at
Emmanuel UCC.
Those who received letters were the folks on our directory list whom I haven’t
met before, or have not seen in a while. I want them to know all of the great things we
have to offer at Emmanuel UCC in Dorrance. Worship, fellowship, Bible study,
youth group, choirs, confirmation, all here under the roof of the house of God.
On Sunday, July 29th, 2018 we heard again the miracle story of Jesus feeding
the 5,000 according to the Gospel of John (6:1-22). What I find so significant in this
story is Jesus’ empowerment to His disciples in delivering the food to the masses.
Discipleship equips the Christian with God’s Word, prayer, doctrine, worship,
encouragement, and service. We can then add to our list of offerings from Emmanuel
UCC the making of disciples.
Yes, you are being prepared through the Word of God to provide service to those
in need. Bearing that in mind, let us begin by inviting friend’s neighbors, and family
members to join us for worship. We are all concerned with falling attendance rates in
all of the Christian denominations, but it is more than that. It is our concern that the
unchurched are missing out in a chance to have a real personal relationship to God.
The education we receive through our Sunday service cannot be replaced by staying
home. Yes, we could pray to God anywhere, anytime, yet let’s be concerned with
getting even more from those prayers.
God wants us to be 100%. He is always there for us, even when we stray. So
let’s practice our discipleship and feed the masses. Those that hunger for the word of
God can share at the banquet set before us. Not just Sunday morning, but every day.
Through the work of Christ, we have the opportunity to be transformed into the
person we strive to be. UI am speaking of fulfillment here.
The good have a chance to be better. So as disciples of Christ, let’s hold out our
hand and say, come, I have found a better way. Always remember, God wants the
best for you, and so does Emmanuel UCC!

Pastor Lou Aita


Ethel Fine will be celebrating her 95th birthday on August 7. Let’s all give her a great birthday by sending her cards showing her how much she means to our church family.

Picture Perfect

Crestwood students excel at PJAS meeting

Some of our graduates are pictured with their class. Crestwood’s graduating class included Aaron Kleger. We wish them God’s guidance and encourage them as they pursue the next phases of their lives.

Pirates clinch 2018 league championship

Robert Duffy is shown with his teammates from the Mountaintop All-Stars team.

Emmanuel UCC hold 300 Club fundraiser

Our annual 300 Club and Silent Auction was enjoyed by many people. The very popular Mud Pond Boys are shown performing during the day for the large crowd of fans. Megs Yenchik, her grandson Mason and sister Jeannie Haydt are shown enjoying some of the delicious food. Our thanks to all who came out to support this fundraiser.

Emmanuel youth help animals

Morgan Hodle, Robert Duffy, Nick Aita, Victor Saraceno are shown helping animals. They collected various donations including
dog food, biscuits, paper towels, and bedding for Mureille’s Place, a senior dog sanctuary.

9th Annual 300 Club & Silent Auction Report

Silent Auction Profit: $1740.00
300 Club:
Income: 259 tickets @ $35.00 each
8 Guests @ $15.00 each $120.00
50/50 raffles $206.00
Donations from winners $225.00
Additional Donations $5.00
Extra Sausage & hot dogs sold $65.00
Expenses: Prizes from drawings $ 3500.00
2 Bands $775.00
Small games license $125.00
Moonwalk for children $225.00
Supplies $432.39
Hot Dogs – Maine source $175.82
Income: $9,686.00
Expenses: $5233.21
 Profit from 300 Club $ 4,452.79
 Profit from Silent Auction $1740.00
Grand Total Profit $ 6,192.79


From The Pastor’s Desk

For our July Newsletter, I thought it would be appropriate to include this important
pastoral newsletter found on the UCC website, As a minister, I do not preach
politics from the pulpit, but I do feel it is important for us as Christians to allow our voice
to be heard in government decisions. We, as a people, are affected by these decisions.

Condemning the unconscionable assertion that migrant children should be separated
from their parents because of ‘orderly and lawful processes that protect the weak and
lawful,’ — a Biblical statement used to justify U.S. immigration policies — United Church of
Christ National Leadership has issued this pastoral letter, urging the people of the
denomination’s almost 5,000 congregations to take action now! First, by contacting their
Congressional representatives, and then by providing funds to keep families together. Money
to be used to support the people sleeping in the streets at the borders of this country, or
those parents and children separated upon entry!

“Still, when God saw the trouble they were in and heard their cries for help,
God remembered God’s Covenant with them, and, immense with love, took them by
the hand. God poured out God’s mercy on them while their captors looked on,
Psalm 106:44-47 (MSG)

Friends, once again we stand at the brink of a moral precipice in our society and the
question before us is will we choose to act in covenant with God on behalf of God’s people
or will we sacrifice our soul. The United Church of Christ has long been a supporter of
migrant families seeking refuge within our borders from intolerable and unsafe living
conditions in their homelands. As people of God committed to the sacredness of all
creation and the sanctity of every life, we are compelled to heed the cries of families now
being violently torn apart at our borders for political expediency and profitability. Such
violent acts are unnecessarily punitive and place at risk the physical, emotional,
psychological, spiritual, and developmental stability of hundreds of families who now find
themselves separated, caged, and commodified in a strange land.

All of our sacred texts, no matter the faith, identify the disregard of the humanity of
the vulnerable as sin.

And God hears the cries of God’s people. The plight of black and brown migrant
families whose children are ripped from their care cannot be the policy of a civilized land.
We’ve been here before. Our nation’s history bears witness to a legacy of lost love. We
separated the children of Native people from their families. We separated the children of
enslaved people from their families. We separated the children of Japanese people from
their families. Many of these families were never made whole again. This legacy of white
supremacist ideology is idolatrous and leaves an indelible mark of evil that can only be
redeemed by a conscious act of spiritual repentance and repair.

We must resist the evil of dehumanization enacted upon the vulnerable among us.
The United Church of Christ strongly condemns the dismantling of families, the
criminalization of the quest for freedom, and the caging of those whose only crime is to
seek shelter from harm. How we treat those who seek shelter in our midst is a direct
reflection of how we treat God. We call upon our 5,000 member churches to write letters to
your representatives in Congress as an act of worship this month. Remind Congress there
is a law that supersedes partisanship and political bantering, and that is the sanctity of all
people of God.

Faithfully yours,
The National Officers of the United Church of Christ
The Rev. John C. Dorhauer, General Minister and President
The Rev. Traci Blackmon, Executive Minister, Justice and Witness Ministries
The Rev. James Moos, Executive Minister, Wider Church Ministries
The Council of Conference Ministers of the United Church of Christ




It’s summer and time for our
choirs to be on vacation. But
that doesn’t mean that we want
a vacation from music. Anyone
who will sing, play an
instrument or (if you’re really
talented) do both, is welcome to
pick a Sunday to make a joyful
noise to our God. Please see Denise Dean so
we can fill the air with music on Sunday


THANKS to everyone who helped in any way to make this year’s 300 Club and Silent
Auction a fantastic success. Almost all the 300 tickets were sold, ensuring us a good profit.
We also had additional guests who each donated $15 to enjoy the great food and bands. We
are still waiting for some of the Silent Auction payments to be collected and will have and
update of the profit as soon as it becomes available.


Emmanuel Memorial Day 2018Members of Emmanuel UCC are shown
remembering the fallen at the Memorial Day
ceremony which also featured several area
American Legion Posts, color guard, choir,


Al Finn
rifle squad and taps by Al Finn of the
Mountain Top American Legion Post 781.

Aaron Kleger is “READY TO GRADUATE”
and also shown performing ‘LITTLE
WONDERS’ with classmate Megan Wood a
song by American singer-song writer Rob
Thomas, during Crestwood High S


Come out for a great camping trip at our Vacation Bible School. This year’s theme is SonRock Kids Camp, where kids build their lives on the Rock, Jesus! We will learn that we are

Accepted by  Jesus,
Protected by Jesus,
Saved by Jesus,
Forgiven by Jesus
and Living for

There are cool songs, spirited games, nature crafts, sweet treats and rock solid lessons, all with a camping theme. The Bible stories are based on the relationship between Jesus and Peter.

Accepted: Jesus chooses Peter as one of his disciples.

Protected: Jesus protects Peter when he
tries to walk on water.

Saved: Peter’s
confession that Jesus is Lord allows him

Forgiven: Even though Peter
denied knowing Jesus three times, Jesus
forgave him.

Living: Through the power of
Jesus, Peter heals a lame man.

Registration sheets are on the table in the narthex and there are posters for putting up around the neighborhoods, too. If possible, would you pre-register your child(ren) so that there is less confusion on the first day? I am also asking all adult and teen volunteers to fill out a form since it contains contact information in case of an emergency. If there are no registration sheets, please ask me to make more. Thanks.
At our last meeting on May 25, we made some of our props for the different areas. We will need to complete them when we do the final decoration on July 21. We were so busy with decorations that we forgot to set a date for our next meeting. I will try to get that publicized so everyone who wants to participate will know about it. That meeting will be to ensure we have all props for the skits and station areas so that decorating on the 21st will go smoothly. We also need a Mission Project. Please see me with any ideas. In the past, we gave to GoJoe, Janet Weiss Children’s Hospital, and local families with children who had serious medical needs.
I’d like to thank everyone who helped clean up and out old VBS materials. I’m not sure who they all are, but they got things where they needed to be so that they could be gone through and sorted.


Emmanuel UCC

Youth Group News

The Youth Group will be helping with refreshments at the Old River Church Service to be held on July 15th.
**A meeting will be held prior to the service the time is To Be Announced.
**The Youth Group will be going to Beech Mountain Lake Area on July 29th. They will meet at the church at 1:30 pm.
** Leah Dietrich, Brooke Rinehimer and Morgan Hodle will be going on the mission trip to Blue Knob, Pa July 8th – 14th.

Youth Group visit to Mureille’s Place

Please join the Youth Group tomorrow,  June 10th for our trip to Mureille’s Place. All youths from the ages of 10-teens are welcome to attend and we cordially invite everyone from outside of the Emmanuel family as well. We will meet at Emmanuel UCC at 2:30 PM where we will gather the donations and head to Mureille’s Place from 3PM until around 4PM. At that time we will help with feeding, cleaning, and any other help that is needed at the senior dog sanctuary.

Mureille's Place

Donations will be accepted up until Sunday afternoon. A donation bin has been setup in the Narthex of Emmanuel UCC. Tax deductible donation information can be found at Murielle’s Place website:


[Thanksgiving] I always thank my God for you because of his grace given you in Christ Jesus. For in him you have been enriched in every way—with all kinds of speech and with all knowledge— — 1 Corinthians 1:4-5 (NIV)