From the Pastor’s Desk

We are still celebrating Easter at Emmanuel UCC! And that is because we are an Easter people.  This means we celebrate the resurrected and living Christ throughout the year.  It truly was a wonderful time to be together.  We celebrated every Wednesday evening for five weeks leading up to Maunday Thursday.  Our celebration was in the form of a meal together then 30 minutes of worship.  We do this every year, so I invite you to join us for Holy week 2020!

We moved on to the somber and heartfelt service of Maunday Thursday April 18th 2019.  We celebrate with communion and learned what it means to be a part of the living bread of Christ.  Afterwards we stripped the alter in honor of Good Friday, the day of crucifixion for Jesus.  But we did get to rejoice on Easter Sunday!  We had a sun/sonrise service at 6:30 am under our pavilion.  The birds did not stop singing, and joined us in every hymn.  Then we worshipped  again at 10:30 am in our sanctuary recalling the glorious resurrection of Christ.

As I recall all of the wonderful things we shared the months of March and April, my mind and heart go out to all of our members and community members who passed away 2018 and 2019.  Be assured they are missed and we revel in the thought that they are in heaven with our Father God and His Son Jesus.

In March’s newsletter I also proposed the 60 minute fix.  If you recall, I am confident that on Sunday morning at 10:30, given sixty minutes per week, you could change your life dramatically.  If necessary you may speak to me anytime about how your life could change for the positive.  If you feel confident that you are well adjusted and happy already, our church can help you feel even better. Allow God to work in your life.  It will take some effort on your part, but here is a chance to be part of something big.  Churches make changes in our community and every part of the world.

God is waiting for all of us to become what we are created to be.  A happy, well-adjusted Christian living the best life possible.  So, look for future opportunities for our youth group this month and throughout the summer.  We are prepared to move full speed ahead.  Will you join us? Blessings to all,

Pastor Lou Aita

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