From the Pastor’s Desk

The last week of July, 2018, with consistory approval, I mailed out letters to
approximately 27 of our brothers and sisters in Christ about what’s happening at
Emmanuel UCC.
Those who received letters were the folks on our directory list whom I haven’t
met before, or have not seen in a while. I want them to know all of the great things we
have to offer at Emmanuel UCC in Dorrance. Worship, fellowship, Bible study,
youth group, choirs, confirmation, all here under the roof of the house of God.
On Sunday, July 29th, 2018 we heard again the miracle story of Jesus feeding
the 5,000 according to the Gospel of John (6:1-22). What I find so significant in this
story is Jesus’ empowerment to His disciples in delivering the food to the masses.
Discipleship equips the Christian with God’s Word, prayer, doctrine, worship,
encouragement, and service. We can then add to our list of offerings from Emmanuel
UCC the making of disciples.
Yes, you are being prepared through the Word of God to provide service to those
in need. Bearing that in mind, let us begin by inviting friend’s neighbors, and family
members to join us for worship. We are all concerned with falling attendance rates in
all of the Christian denominations, but it is more than that. It is our concern that the
unchurched are missing out in a chance to have a real personal relationship to God.
The education we receive through our Sunday service cannot be replaced by staying
home. Yes, we could pray to God anywhere, anytime, yet let’s be concerned with
getting even more from those prayers.
God wants us to be 100%. He is always there for us, even when we stray. So
let’s practice our discipleship and feed the masses. Those that hunger for the word of
God can share at the banquet set before us. Not just Sunday morning, but every day.
Through the work of Christ, we have the opportunity to be transformed into the
person we strive to be. UI am speaking of fulfillment here.
The good have a chance to be better. So as disciples of Christ, let’s hold out our
hand and say, come, I have found a better way. Always remember, God wants the
best for you, and so does Emmanuel UCC!

Pastor Lou Aita

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