Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ

Our Journey began on Ash Wednesday. We moved through Sunday Services celebrating and marking the weeks of Lent. We mourned together on Maunday Thursday, prayed together on Good Friday, prepared on Holy Saturday, and celebrated Easter Sunday! Included in all of this were mid-week Lenten services and fellowship times which helped us focus all that much more on our Journey to Gethsemane, the tomb, and the day of resurrection.

It sounds easy, but there were a lot of emotions shared along the way and as I like to say we went from “mourning to dancing.”

What is exciting me still is what we have prepared for our future. The highlight of any church should be the Sunday time of worship, when we get to stop and raise our voices in gratitude for all that God and His Son Jesus mean to us. Our journey is not over! We will continue to move forward together as one body united in Christ because, “God is Still Speaking.” One example of this forward movement is the correspondence from the Penn Northeast Conference that the Sunday greeter will have if you should like to read it. It details a meeting between the Penn Northeast and Penn Southeast Conferences talk of a merger. I feel like this is a new and exciting time in the history of the United Church of Christ. We are all a part of this history and can only expect positive results from a merger such as this. Two great conferences working together!

Here is another dynamic opportunity to help those who are unchurched and searching for a progressive and dynamic denomination to be a part of something. Help them join a “great cloud of witness” that continues to recognize a “still speaking God.”


Pastor Lou Aita

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