Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ!

Starting with “Alone, Yet Not Really Alone” (6/19), concluding with “What’s Next?” (12/25), and not forgetting the 26 sermons in-between, we have been on a journey together – a journey that has now reached its conclusion. It has been a fascinating time for me, and one for which I am very thankful. I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to share these 28 weeks with you, to learn about you and Emmanuel UCC, to witness your worshiping and working together, to play a small part in your time of searching for a new leader, and to be able to see that search near its end. For the wonderful gifts and the lasting memories that you have given to me, I thank you. I do pray that you will continue in your striving to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ, and that the New Year will bring exciting new developments in your life together. May you be the church in this place, living and sharing the Good News that brings hope and peace and love into a world that is in need of those priceless gifts.

May the very best of God’s Blessings be yours for each new day!

Rev. Stout

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