Thank You!

The following letters are posted on the bulletin
board in the bell tower:
A thank you letter from Phoebe Ministries for
our 2016 Benevolence donation of $500. Your
generosity provides programs and activities for
their residents.
A thank you letter from CWS for our CROP
Hunger Walk Donation of $594.00. With your help,
vulnerable children are reaching their 5th milestone
birthday – healthy and well-nourished.
A thank you letter from Bethany Children’s
Home for our donation of $500 to Our Wider
Church Mission. Our gift helps provide for special
programs such as Birthday Parties, Christmas Gifts,
Arts, Music, etc.
A thank you letter from PNEC for our
donations in the amount of $2285.83 to support
Bethany Children’s Home.

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