Picture Perfect

Leah and Rowan Dietrich are shown at the Lehigh Valley Health Network Health Fair where they learned about making health choices.

Leah Rowan Dietrich health fair August 2016

Morgan Rinehimer was again recognized for her horsemanship (or is that horsewomanship?) at the Luzerne County Round Up on August 6 , 2016. Check out those awards! Ride on, Morgan!

Morgan Rinehimer

Ronnie Rinehimer is showing his great(?) form teeing off at our annual Golf Tournament at Sand Springs. That was a hole-in-one, right, Ronnie? No? Ah, too bad.

Ron Rinehimer tees off from the first hole.

Pete and Betty Dickson enjoyed an evening of music and fellowship at the Truth Café on August 12. A light meal and Christian music were on the menu.

Listening to the group perform while eating dinner are Betty and Pete Dickson.

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