YOUTH Accomplishments

We’ve got some smart cookies on the honor rolls again. Just check this out.

Crestwood High School
Principal’s Honors: Kristen Kania
High Honors: Michelle Bernetski, Aaron Kleger
Honors: Morgan Rinehimer, Michelle Heller, Brad Kotarsky, Hunter Rinehimer
Crestwood Middle School
Principal’s Honors: Brooke Rinehimer
Honors: Nathan Kamowski



Our mission trip to the Virginia Beach area will be from June 19 to June 25. Along the Virginia coast there are many beautiful beaches and coastal towns, but you don’t have to look too far inland to find communities that are struggling. In these areas the homes of many elderly people and families on fixed incomes sit in disrepair. We will provide help to get their homes repaired and maintained, and offer hope by reaching out in Christian service. Work will include general home repair, painting, and deck and wheelchair accessibility construction. We will stay in apartment style dorms. Dining, meeting areas, and recreational facilities are located on site. Evening Chapels are offsite at a local church. All meals are provided except two lunches and two dinners during free time. The cost for each of us to be part of this outreach effort is $299. We appreciate all your support by buying Weis and Carone cards.


Thanks to everyone who buys Weis or Carone’s cards. You are really helping to build up our account so we can go on the mission trip. See Marc or let a Youth Group member know if you want some more!

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