For quite a few years, I have been collecting cartridges
to recycle at Staples to earn Rewards. I’m allowed to
recycle 20 cartridges per month. The regular rewards
are $2.00 per cartridge, but every so often they’ll run a
special of double rewards ($4.00) for the first 5
cartridges and the rest at the usual $2.00. The
following chart shows how much has been saved
through recycling and careful use of coupons.

Year Total
& Rewards
Amount Paid %
2011 732.01 291.73 436.02 40
2012 752.54 535.18 208.07 72
2013 1,039.29 643.27 396.02 62
2014 776.05 282.65 493.40 37
2015 984.28 294.07 690.21 30

Unfortunately, Staples has changed their policy on
redeeming rewards in the last several years. They have
to be redeemed within three months but if I don’t need
to order supplies, I can’t see wasting money just to
redeem the rewards. Plus, there are not as many
promotions as in previous years and the coupons are
not as valuable.
But still, as you can see, there is a savings for
Emmanuel in recycling ink cartridges. So please
continue to put them in the ink recycling box in the
narthex. All sizes and manufacturers are accepted.

Emmanuel UCC

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