Turkey Supper Dates

October 15 to 17

Please remember that it is not necessary to be at the
supper “forever”. If everyone takes a turn, we can all
help each other and feel good about volunteering to
support our church. Sign-up sheets are on the tables
in the Narthex and next to the Fellowship Hall Door.
See Don Eroh or Allen Dennis for tickets to sell.
There’s plenty for everyone, so get them and sell, sell,
sell. The fall Supper is usually our best dinner fundraiser
and is easy to promote. Why? Because people love to
eat – especially good food!! And we’ve been
complimented again and again about how really good it
As always, we need people to cook the turkeys.
Allen Dennis is the person to see if you can volunteer
your time for this important item (what’s a Turkey
Supper without turkey, right?) The turkeys arrive either
at your home or at the church (depending on how you
arrange it with Allen).
On Thursday evening at 6:00 p.m., walls are taken
down and tables are set up. Then there is the cleaning
and cutting up of the vegetables for the pickled cabbage.

Early Friday morning about 8:00 a.m. we start
making the pickled cabbage. Some foods just taste so
much better if you let the flavors chill and mix. (I learned
that from the cooking shows)
Saturday morning at 8:00 am is when we clean the
meat off the turkeys, which is easier to do if the turkeys
are warm. Those of you who clean your own turkeys and
then deliver them really help to speed up this process.
Please remember to bring the turkey broth to make the
gravy. We also make the stuffing which takes strong
arms to mix thoroughly. After a short break, workers
gather at 2:30 pm to start heating everything up so it’s
good and hot for serving our guests.
Then, of course, the actual event begins at 3:00 and
goes to about 7:00 p.m. We can always use lots of hands
for serving food, working in the kitchen, busing tables,
and waiting on tables. By the end of the supper at 7:00
p.m., the workers, (many of whom have been there since
2:30 p.m. heating up the turkey, making gravy, making
sure the vegetables and stuffing are hot so that everything
is all set to serve at 3:00 p.m.) are ready for a rest. That’s
when it’s nice to have a clean-up crew come in. The
tables all have to be cleaned off, tables and chairs wiped
down, Sunday School rooms put back in order and the
walls put back up. The large roasters and cook pots are
washed and put away until the next supper. The kitchen
cleaned and floors washed and vacuumed.
There’s a lot to do to hold a supper, but the work’s
not hard when you’re having fun. And we do have a lot
of fun, even if we are a bit frantic while serving our
guests. It’s all part of the experience and we’d love for
you to experience it, too.


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