Teen Talk on Sunday Mornings

What does the Bible have to do with me? Why didn’t
God do what I wanted him to? How should Jesus’
teachings affect the way I act? Why should I go to
church? What happens when I die? People of all ages
have questions about their faith and teens are no
different. Teens especially can ask tough questions. It’s
not always easy to find the answers, but it’s very
important not to just dismiss them. That’s where Teen
Talk, the Sunday morning meeting time for teens, comes
in. By exploring our faith and developing an
understanding of who we are and how we relate to our
beliefs, we dig deep into the questions that face teens.
Teen Talk is for anyone in 7th grade and above. We meet
on Sunday mornings at 9:00 am to talk about God, Jesus
and the Holy Spirit, how our lives can be influenced by
them and how we can be an influence to others around
us. Come to Teen Talk and find other teens who want to
make their faith stronger, find some answers to hard
questions and become better at dealing with ideas and
things that pull us away from being Christians.

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