Welcome to Emmanuel United Church of Christ

My last newsletter article – maybe ever. I’m looking forward to retirement but am also sure that I’ll be preaching here and there from time to time. I can’t just hang up my stoles for good.

I have really enjoyed being your pastor for the past almost 71/2 years. There are many good folks here at Emmanuel and I pray that I was able to bring something new to you. I know that my services were a bit different than you were used to but we don’t grow unless we try new things. I just pray that you were drawn closer to God and became a bit more aware of the workings of the Holy Spirit while I was in your midst.

From the time we drove into the parking lot here in 2007 Archie really was praying that I would be called here. He enjoyed being here with you and meeting all the good folks here. I’m sure that some of the songs he sang for you were ones that you had never heard but they were from his heart. I’ve never known a man who loved God more than Archie.

I ask that as we leave and move to Sunbury you will be praying for us to make a smooth transition. Also pray for Archie as he goes to surgery on the 9th of September. Also pray that the surgery will help with the pain in his legs. At first we will be taking care of that and then – who knows. I have to get used to the area there and make some friends.

I attended the UCC church there a couple of weeks ago where the woman who was my choir director in Millersburg is the Organist/Choir director there. She is already trying to recruit me for the choir. I’m not sure about that but it would be a good way to get to know people. I like to have friends wherever I go. I’m planning to join the YMCA as well to get in a little pool time.

I don’t have any set plans for retirement but I’m sure I won’t be sitting around for long.

It has been my privilege to serve you and I will truly miss the folks at Emmanuel. I pray for God’s blessings to be with you as you search for a new pastor.

I just hope that I will be remembered as a person who loves God and wants to serve God however I am able.

Love you and God bless!


Penny Frog

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