Pork Dinner


We’ll be serving up a Pork Dinner, complete with
homemade sauerkraut, green beans, mashed potatoes,
gravy, homemade applesauce, bread, dessert and
beverage from 3 to 7 pm. Tickets are $10.00 for
adults, $5.00 for age 6 to 11; 5 and under for free; or
$10.00 for a take-out.


Everyone who can help is asked to come meet with us
after church on Sunday during coffee hour. Since we
haven’t had a Pork Dinner in years, we need to discuss
the best ways to get this job done. Wherever you
might help out – dining room, kitchen, food prep, cake
baking, take-outs – it’s all the same as with our Turkey
Suppers. So, please take some time on Sunday to help
iron out our plans.
Allen is planning on having a group make applesauce
on either Tuesday or Wednesday. Please come to the
meeting so we can decide which day is better.
POSTERS are on the table in the Narthex. Please take
some and paste them up wherever you can. This supper
will need some extra attention since it’s been a while
since we had one and we need to get the word out.
TICKETS – Please see Allen Dennis for tickets and
sell, sell, sell!

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