SonRise National Park VBS

Pointing Our Kids to Christ
This year we will host SonRise National Park VBS.
From July 13 to 17, we will transform our Fellowship
Hall and Sanctuary into a the great outdoors with this
year’s theme. At the “Park”, we’ll discover amazing
Bible adventures at Climb Higher Lodge, sing awesome
songs at Gathering Grove, have a snack at the Picnic
Patch, create crafts with the Busy Beavers, and play at
Wild Wilderness Games. As we explore our “Park”, we’ll
learn the most important survival skill of all: we can
always depend on Jesus and His promises of True Peace,
True Riches, True Power, True Love, and True Hope! At
SonRise National Park, we will learn to trust Jesus as our
all-powerful guide and Savior. Each day we’ll begin at
Gathering Grove (our sanctuary) for our opening. We
then split up into “camper groups”, led by our park
guides (older youth), to the stations for crafts, lessons,
snacks and games. Each station is run by adult “park
rangers”. We all end up back together again for our
closing time in Gathering Grove.
Registration Forms are on the table in the narthex.
Please take some to fill out for your own children
and also for some children of your friends and
family. The “park” is open to all the kids in our
communities. Come on out and play in our “park”!
Emmanuel UCC



Sonrise National Park

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