Cards for a Cause

Thanks to everyone who buys Weis or Carone’s cards.
You are really helping to build up our account so we can
go on the mission trip. See Marc or let a Youth Group
member know if you want some more!
Our mission trip will be from June 29 to July 5. We
are again cleaning up after Superstorm Sandy by fixing
up people’s homes on the Jersey shore. Superstorm
Sandy created extensive damage and flooding along
the northeast coast including many communities in
New Jersey. Families were displaced and countless
homes were lost. The rebuilding process, especially in
lower income areas, will continue for many years. This
summer we will have the opportunity to continue the
relief efforts in Monmouth County helping to rebuild
the blue collar town of Union Beach, NJ, where some
85% of the homes were affected by the storm. The
cost for each of us to be part of this huge clean-up
effort is $289. We appreciate all your support by
buying Weis and Carone cards.

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