Welcome to Emmanuel United Church of Christ

What a glorious time is Easter! Knowing that Jesus died for us but now the tomb is empty – the stone was rolled
away. This Sunday we will walk and talk with him on the road to Emmaus but we will not recognize him until he
breaks bread for us. We must remember that now we are to spread the word and live for him.
May is going to be a very busy month as you will readily see as you peruse the calendar in this newsletter. We all
need to work together to get everything done to move forward as a church. I pray that we can count on everyone
to help out with all we have to do.
As we work hard together let’s remember our mothers during this special month. I want to leave you with a poem.

“For My Mother”
Emily Sargent Councilman
I think true mothers everywhere
Are gently brushed by angel wings
And in some stillness hear God speak,
“Your child can do great things.”
And so a mother dreams her dreams
And has the love to see,
In every stumbling, struggling child,
What God knows she can be.
How can I fail to seek God’s will
And follow in God’s way
When I have known my mother’s prayer
Lifting me to heaven each day?

Thanks Mom!
May you feel God’s presence with you each day as we celebrate Spring. Let us enjoy all the beauty that God gives us
in the sprouting of plants and the blooming of flowers as they earth is made beautiful.
God’s blessings!

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