Welcome to Emmanuel United Church of Christ

As we continue on our journey to Jerusalem with Jesus I have been very pleased with the folks
that have been traveling out on Wednesday nights to be together for supper and a Lenten
service. We have had lots of good fellowship and meaningful worship. Thanks to those who
volunteered to fix meals (we have had some great meals) and to those who take the time to
worship together. We will continue our journey to Jerusalem during April on Wednesday nights
until we arrive there on Palm Sunday. During Holy Week
we will have a special dinner on Maundy Thursday (instead of Wednesday)
and a service celebrating the institution of our Lord’s Supper. On Good Friday we will worship
together with our friends and neighbors in the community at Mountain Top Presbyterian Church
at noon. After that service, hopefully, we will all be in prayer and mediation as we go through a
most solemn weekend as Jesus is nailed to the cross and laid in a tomb.

Then on Easter Sunday morning we will arrive at the tomb and find that Jesus is not there! He has
risen – just as he said. And through him we are all given the gift of grace and eternal life. And we
will celebrate at 6:30 and 10:30 and we will flower the cross as we wonder at God’s wonderful love
for us and we will raise our voices in joyful singing to celebrate! Hallelujah!!

We now have four girls starting the process of Confirmation. I ask for your prayers for us as we
begin our study and preparation for becoming responsible members of the church.

Today the sun is shining which is quite an anomaly these days. Since we have moved the offices
around in our space I now have two windows where I can enjoy looking out. I look forward to
soon seeing the trees budding and the grass turning green. It has been white long enough.

Anyway – God blesses us in all situations – cold or hot or just perfect. Let us all praise God
together! Amen.


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