Welcome to Emmanuel United Church of Christ

Today I sit here in my new office at this little tiny desk waiting to get my big grown-up desk. The next time you
come by the offices you will see a big difference. I have moved into Denise’s office, Denise has moved out into the
front room, and my old office is now a much needed storage space. Once we get settled I know that we will wonder
why this hadn’t been done sooner. Jim and Lynne Stewart have been moving and arranging furniture and will be
painting my office very soon. Give us a little more time before you come by to see what we are doing – please.

While in the planning stages of their summer mission trip, the youth are excited about the Mardi Gras brunch that
they have held for the last three years to make a little money to cover some of the expenses. We pray that all of you
will be able to attend and make a donation to the cause. We will be decorating on Saturday morning which is a good
time for fun and fellowship as well as the actual event. COME & ENJOY ON SUNDAY!!!

After Mardi Gras, on Wednesday we enter the season of Lent on Ash Wednesday. We are once again planning to
have a small meal on Wednesday evenings at 6pm before our services begin at 7pm. If you would like to be
responsible for fixing a small meal please sign up on paper in the Narthex – just a light meal. On Ash Wednesday
communion will be served at the service as well on Maundy Thursday. The community Good Friday service will be
at Mountain Top Presbyterian Church at noon. These services will be a wonderful way to prepare your mind and
hearts as you look forward to the lows and highs of Holy Week and Easter.

I have some Lenten Devotional Booklets available for our church families or you may take one to a friend. Some are
geared toward younger families and some for adult study. I would encourage each family to take one and set apart a
time each day for reading and prayer even if it’s only a few minutes. This will be very beneficial especially if you can
take a little time in the morning to get your day off to a good start. And maybe that will get some into the habit of
having a devotional time every day of the year – not just during this season of Lent. I know some of you already take
this time and I commend you for your faithfulness.

God’s blessings to you all!


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