Thank You!

Joan and Frank Partington thank the Sunday School
for the fruit basket given to them for Christmas.
Phoebe Ministeries sent us a Christmas Thank You
card. Our gifts to Phoebe help them care for elderly
members in their facilities who often have no
financial support of their own.
We received a Christmas Card from St. Joseph’s
Center which pictures their children portraying the
Nativity. Our VBS Mission Offering was given to St.
Joseph’s this year as part of the Go Joe fundraiser.
Bernie Baluta sent a letter thanking us for the
Thanksgiving meals for ten needy families. Without
our generosity, these families would have gone
without a dinner on Thanksgiving.
The Youth and Staff of Bethany Children’s Home
sent us a Christmas card with a beautiful scene of
Smith Lodge, one of the lodgings for the children.
TEAMeffort also sent a Christmas postcard. This is
the organization which coordinates our Youth Group
mission trips.
Our thanks to all of our church family for your
generous Christmas gifts. We sincerely appreciate
your thoughtfulness.
Dwain Straight
Jennis & Brad Bunnell
Denise Dean

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