Office Notes || Windows Crash!

Recently, our office computer crashed and could not be
repaired. We purchased a new computer and software
(old software would not work on the new operating
system). The cost to replace the computer and software
would have been $994.15, but with rebates and recycling
rewards, it was $870.65, a savings of $123.50.
Unfortunately, there is one other program which I cannot
reinstall which is for our records and is called Church
Windows. My program was from 2004 and, when I
couldn’t install it myself, I emailed the company. I was
told that the program is too old and that I must purchase
an updated version at a cost $379. It is very valuable in
making sure our records are complete as it tracks births,
baptisms, marriages, membership and everything needed
for good recordkeeping. I can load the member information
from the old program from back-up to the new
version. If anyone is willing to donate to the purchase of
this software, please indicate that on the offering
envelope which can be found in the pews.

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