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This is the statement from the website of TEAMeffort which is the organization that sponsored the mission trips in which
our youth have participated the past three years.
Over the years TEAMeffort has brought over 95,000 youth and leaders from thousands of churches of different
denominations together to work side-by-side on life-changing, eye-opening, faith-building mission trips. This Summer
and Spring Break we offer more opportunities than ever for youth to put their faith into action through challenging and
rewarding missionary trips where they will complete projects such as repairing and renovating homes for families in
need, building mission and ministry facilities, leading children’s outreach programs, working at homeless shelters,
responding to natural disasters, and reaching out to individuals and communities through Christian service.
Through well planned camps, exciting locations, energetic staff, knowledgeable site leaders, quality music and programs,
and meaningful mission projects, your group is bound for a mission adventure they will never forget!
Our youth and adults who participated this year made many friends and accomplished much hard work doing construction.
Their work was not only on the houses that were being restored after Super Storm Sandy but also as they went into the
streets to talk with the people around the neighborhoods. This was very good experience for them and for the adults who
were with them.
Too often when we think of the mission field we tend to think foreign mission field. There are many, many mission
fields right here in our own country, in our own state, and in our own town that need to be introduced to the love, forgiveness, and peace the Christ will bring. There are so many who don’t know how much God loves each person and how God longs to
bring his children back to him. I found this poem by Sandra Goodwin which speaks volumes to what each one of us can do.

Last night I took a journey
To a land far ‘cross the seas;
I didn’t go by boat or plane,
I trusted on my knees.
I saw so many people there
In deepest depths of sin,
And Jesus told me I should go
That there were souls to win.
But I said, “Jesus, I can’t go
And work with such as these.”
He answered quickly, “Yes, you can
By traveling on your knees.”
He said, “You pray; I’ll meet the need,
You call and I will hear;
Be concerned about lost souls,
Of those both far and near.”
And so I tried it, knelt in prayer,
Gave up some hours of ease;
I felt the Lord right by my side
While traveling on my knees.
As I prayed on and saw souls saved
And twisted bodies healed,
And saw God’s workers’ strength renewed
While laboring on the field.
I said, “Yes, Lord, I have a job
My desire Thy will to please;
I can go and heed Thy call
By traveling on my knees.”

God bless you all as you pray for those who don’t know Christ.


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