Roundup Rodeo

Bible Points. And then there were the delicious and
YEE HAW!! There was a hot time at the rodeo during
our Vacation Bible School this year. And I’m not just
talking about the weather which was hotter than a cat on
a hot tin roof! We were really kickin’ it up! Everyone
was fired up and enthusiastic, from the adults to the
teenagers and “cowpokes” right down through the
“Prairie Dog Preschoolers”. You could really feel that
the Bible Points were sinking in – God is Real, God is
With Us, God is Strong, and God is Awesome!
I’d really like to thank everyone who made such a great
program possible. Pastor Penny portrayed Rowdie, a
“wannabe” cowpoke and helped introduce the Bible
Point for the day, except one day when Judy Brown took
over as Rowdie’s partner, Randy – Great, funny skits
with a message. Janet Van Gorden lead the Wild Bible
Adventures lessons. Judy Brown and her granddaughter
Rachael Betz got things moving at Horseshoe Games.
Sally Lazarowicz, Christine Kellow and Theresa Kellow
and various parents and grandparents as needed (thank
you so much!) created crafts that related back to our
often cool (as in ice cream – yeah!) snacks prepared by
the JOY Ladies of Stairville UMC. Each evening we
opened at Sing and Play Stampede and ended at the
Roundup Rodeo, which were handled by me. Rodeo
Leaders Dylan Brown, Jacob Betz, Nathan Kamowski,
Chase Rinehimer, Mackenzie Yenchik, Morgan
Rinehimer, and Brooke Rinehimer lead their cowpokes
through the different activity centers. Ginny
Hildebrand and Donna Walck were kept busy minding
the Prairie Dog Preschoolers, along with several
parents and grandparents whose help was greatly
appreciated. Once again, our VBS was exciting, fun
and inspiring. Everyone was enthusiastic and looked
forward to coming each day. It is a real thrill to see
such passion from the adults passed on to the kids.
Thank you to all who made this year’s VBS possible.

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