Check the front entrance bulletin board for the following pictures:

Emmanuel was among the churches which held services
to honor our veterans on Memorial Day Sunday, May
Check out all the mug shots at our 4th Annual 300
Club. The Mountain Peaks caught Hilda Lewis and
Irene Hoch enjoying the sounds of the Mud Pond Boys.
The Times Leader featured a column in their Click
section of the paper. There are pictures of some of our
members and guests enjoying themselves. What a great
day it was!
Among the 259 Graduates of Crestwood High School
Class of 2013, were four very familiar faces. Rachelle
Heller, Kyle Prelewicz, and Eric and Justin
Rinehimer received their diplomas and are now on
their way to their new futures. Rachelle is off to
College Misericorda to pursue her Psychology degree.
Kyle will attend Indiana University of Pennsylvania.
Eric and Justin have chosen King’s College; Eric to
major in Athletic training and Justin in Chemical
Engineering or Environmental. All the best to some of
the best and brightest – literally – check the honor rolls
from past Messengers!
CAUGHT CHA!! Robert Duffy, III, was one of the
students ‘Caught Being Good’ at Rice Elemenary. Each
month, the school staff nominate students for exhibiting
good behavior. Keep it up, Robert!
Spring wasn’t the only thing in the air recently. Leah
Dietrich filled it with music at the Spring Recital of
Michele Millington’s piano students. She is pictured
among the students who received certificates and pins
from the National Guild of Piano Teachers. We all
enjoy Leah’s skills when she plays on Christmas Eve at
before our worship service. Keep practicing, Leah,
you’re doing GREAT!

Our Scout Pack 433 and Troop 434 received a
demonstration in self-defense tactics and tips to avoid
stranger abduction from Sensei Paul Nikom, White
Crane Academy, Mountain Top. Sensei Paul and
Andrew Murawski are pictured in our pavilion,
demonstrating one of the techniques.
Kid’s Safety Day was held at the Hobbie carnival
grounds on June 2. Dorrance Township, Wright
Township and Hobbie Volunteer Fire Departments
sponsored the day to instruct kids about bike safety,
household safety, stranger danger and dog safety.
There were also demonstrations on search and rescue
dogs. Olivia Palubinski, Dave and Rosemary Myer’s
granddaughter, is pictured being shown how to play
ring toss with one of the search and rescue dogs.

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