Welcome to Emmanuel United Church of Christ

Whew!! Four weeks down and four to go. I knew Pastor Penny did a lot of the background work for services and handled some other issues, great and small, but I really didn’t know how time-consuming her job is. That said – I think I’ll be taking a sabbatical when she gets back. Just joking… But then again? Just getting the bulletin finalized is sometimes a challenge. There are many resources for the liturgy, some on the web and some in print. But to get the right call to worship, prayers and such, that will really compliment the Preacher’s message is sometimes very daunting. It’s been a real learning experience and one that I will happily give back when Pastor returns.
I also want to say how proud I am of everyone in our church. I realize that some people might question why any pastor, not just Pastor Penny, would need a sabbatical. I’ll leave that up to her to explain. My focus is that while she is away, we are continuing to be a true fellowship of believers. We have supported the people who have taken their time to participate in our services over the past month and I know we will be just as supportive for the next month. When these people come into our church, you can see the welcoming attitude from everyone in attendance. I want you to know that I really appreciated everyone who complimented me about the sermon on May 14. I think it was a great Sunday with the “ladies” of all ages contributing. Brooke did very well with her part of the liturgy and I am hoping that she has volunteered to continue reading. And I would like to thank Sharon, Camille and Janice for their part in leading the prayers and scriptures. It was very rewarding for me to be part of this experience and I love the way everything worked out (even though I did forget to print out my notes and had to use my laptop – hi-tech to the rescue). I felt a genuine response of warmth and encouragement which I relied on several times during the following weeks. Thank you for your support, not for me, but for your church and this community of believers. It’s this kind of support that counts – the people who will be there for the church when “the cat’s away”.
Our Turkey Supper was successful because of all of you, too. I really love being in the hall, and running around like a crazy lady. It’s all for a good cause, too. Not only do we prepare a great meal for a lot of people, but they see who we are and what we are like. That kind of talk always gets around. Our reputation is not only what we deliberately put out to the community to see, but also what they see at these functions when we’re working together. People can tell when there’s something behind the scenes. So, it’s great that they’re seeing us in a good light – could that be God’s light? Yes!
Next up is the 300 Club on June 15 from 12 noon to 6 pm (or so). There are 300 Club posters and donation letters for the Silent Auction on the table in the narthex. Just take some posters and put them around wherever you see other events publicized. As for Silent Auction donations, please fill in the blanks with the name of person/business donating, the item donated and the value of the item on the donation letter. Also, please make a note of the value of the item and keep it with the item so that we know how much to put on the bid sheets. Then give the letter to the donor for their tax records. The more items, the more we will be able to make to help our church and its missions.
“300 Club” means there are 300 tickets up for grabs which cost $35 each. The ticket grants you and a guest access to the grounds, with all the food and entertainment included in the ticket price. Plus ticketholders are entered into hourly drawings beginning at 1 pm. There are five drawings each hour: 2 for $50 and 3 for $25. Then the main drawing is at 6 pm. There are five each for $25, $50 and $100; one for $250; one for $500; and the last drawing is for a whopping $1,000. If you don’t care about being included in the drawings, you can still come and just hang out and enjoy all the food and entertainment, too, for a donation of just $15 per person.
Please promote the 300 Club as much as possible. It’s a great way to spend a day (6 hours of food and entertainment for $17.50/person with a ticket or $15/person without – where else can you get a deal like that?)
Again, thanks for all your support. It really means a lot to me and it shows the love and concern you have for your church and it’s mission work. No, Pastor Penny is not here at the moment, but we are. And we are Emmanuel United Church of Christ.
See you in Church!!!

Emmanuel UCC

PS – can you hear the cheer? WE ARE – – EMMANUEL! WE ARE – – EMMANUEL!

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