Christmas Program

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
But really, I can’t take much of the credit for the success of this year’s program. Since my voice decided not to cooperate, I asked Dwain Straight to direct it this year. He previously gave me a copy of the Christmas Cantata and we thought that would be the best idea.
If you missed the performance, that’s really too bad. It was a wonderful experience as the children and youth “built” the nativity scene. Pictures of them showing their acting skills are on the front bulletin board.
Brooke Rinehimer made an amazed Mary as she questioned how people would respond to her son, and Nate Kamowski’s Joseph wondered what to do, eventually deciding to follow God’s plan. During the song “The Friendly Beasts”, our farmer Ryan Shuman, assisted by his farm hands, Morgan Rinehimer and Michelle Bernetski, brought the animals to the stable. The angel, Morgan Hodel, told the shepherds the good news. The angel was joined by a heavenly host played by Leah Dietrich, Paige Ceaser, Keirsten Whitmire, Brooke Aton, Kelsey Rinehimer, and Tiffany Foust. Then, shepherds Robert Duffy, III, and Chris Harmon, lead the other sheperds, Emmy Lazo, Alyssa Shuman and Aaron Kleger, to the manger. The kings arrived to present their gifts, portrayed by Brad Kotarsky, Hunter Rinehimer and Josh Cronce. And as they say, last, but not least, Sabian Bunnell appeared as The Little Drummer Boy, complete with drum and sticks!
The choir and cast then raised the roof with a fantastic finale by singing with all their heart and voice “O Holy Night”. It was an excellent performance with Dwain accompanying every song.
We are very happy for all the family and friends who came to see the program. It was wonderful to see you all and witness the joy the children, youth and adults had in telling the story of Christ’s birth.

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