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Happy New Year! from Emmanuel-ucc.org

No – you’re not confused and neither am I. I know it is not January 1. It is, however the new liturgical year beginning with the season of Advent. This is a very exciting time in the liturgical year – decorating, lighting candles, children’s programs, youth cookie baking, special music, Christmas Eve talent and services. So much to do – so little time. We will get it all done and then we can step back take a deep breath and move right into Epiphany!
Thanks to all of you who have worked so hard this last year to make the church move forward. There have been so many who have helped out that I can’t name them all for fear of leaving someone out. As we think about our giving for the next year don’t just think of money but consider giving some more of your time to make things here at God’s house – Emmanuel.
As we enter this season of watching and waiting for Jesus to come, relax a little. Try to not get tied up in the commercialization of the season. For those who give gifts, remember to give out of love and appreciation and not out of obligation. Remember to nurture your souls as you nurture you bodies. Just as one needs to take in food and water for healthy living, one also needs to take in scripture and church and loving family to survive in this hustle bustle world.
I look forward to December with all its glitz and fun but more than that I look forward to coming together to worship, remembering why we are all here together.
Have a wonderful Christmastime!

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