Please be generous in giving to our church ministries supported by this offering:
$150 to Phoebe Devitt Home
$150 to Bethany Children’s Home
$250 to Lancaster Theological Seminary
These organizations sincerely need and appreciate your support. Every penny counts with today’s expenses, so please give generously. The “Christmas Offering” is a benevolence offering and is not used to build up the General Fund. Your regular offering is needed to support the General Fund and the mission of your church.

Envelope for Pastor’s Christmas Gift
Included with this year’s offering envelopes is one for Pastor’s Christmas gift. Instead of giving the usual monetary gift from the General Fund, all gifts collected through this envelope will be used as Pastor Penny’s Christmas gift. If you do not receive a box of envelopes, there are regular envelopes in the pews which you can designate for Pastor’s gift. Thank you for being generous and letting her know how much she is appreciated.

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