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Hi – This is usually Pastor Penny’s spot but since she’s away celebrating the 25th wedding anniversary of her son and daughter-in-law, Charlie and Lisa, I’m filling in.
What a busy season so far. Rally Day was just awesome with the kids participating in the service. They were just bouncing with enthusiasm. It was a wonderful day to enjoy the beginning of a new year of Sunday School. Speaking of which, our new curriculum LIVE (as in LIV-ing) is really exciting. Many of the praise songs are really exhilarating, especially for those of us over 30. Well, at least my cardiovascular system gets a workout once a week. The program chiefly revolves around the Bible and learning directly from it. We even purchased new Bibles (which many of you sponsored – thanks!). They are the Hands On Bible and are filled with interesting facts, intriguing hints at the beginning of each book, science experiments, crafts, snacks, Bible Hero Biographies, Fun Facts, FAQ’s and lots of cool and interesting stuff.
On October 7, we will celebrate communion globally with Christians on World Communion Sunday. This is also the day for the CROP Walk. If you haven’t gotten a donation envelope yet, just see me or Pastor Penny. For those of you who don’t walk, please sponsor someone. Many of our youth, children and adults are participating. Whatever amount is raised for CROP will also benefit the Food Bank since 25% of those donations will be returned to us. So this program strives to end hunger not only in other lands, but also in our back yard. Time to talk turkey – dinner, that is. I don’t know if anyone ever noticed, but I have a great time serving our guests. There’s always a lot of joking and camaraderie as we scramble when Dad shouts, “Hot stuff for a new table!”. And there’s always a place for everyone to help out. Just check the article inside this issue and lend a hand.
See you in church!!

Emmanuel UCC

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